Morning Style Merchants. The new, slightly renamed (for various reasons not madly clear) London Fashion Week:Men's starts now (click). Well, last night if you count Vivienne's little bash at Quo Vardis. She's back in London showig mens for the first time in ages, and its the biggest story in catwalk menswear scene, am sure. Feel like bout to get Westwood emersed. Keeping it well pagan as a result, and pleased with todays Porridge Face (click) courtesty of Walters is in keeping with that mood. A theme amply re-enfored last night by the charming Andreas Kronthaler, Creative Diretor/Head of Design/Somethin Maj' at VW

King Kron.

Andreas slipped on his waffle shawl collar OC for the shot I took to go with the crown, but V.W.'s Austrian Stylist, Sabrina, slipped by and popped zi collar to up quotient. Shawl poppage seems to be a theme, nein?


Porridge Face No.103, from the series Porridge Faces by Jake Walters.

Gotta go do some style stuff, not to mention zi column. Hi Maria...

Stubbs out.

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