Morning Style Mongers. When you ask for guidance, sometimes, the stylistic universe helps you out. Sometimes. This sunlight boot demo made it a doddle for me to go Harness over Jodhpur on a Saint Laurent level later on this very day (click).Was running through London Fields yesterday straight past young photograher Matt Tortolano who was busting a simple, classic rock'n'roll leather biker/jeans flex to great effect. His Saint Laurent Harness boot with a bit of true-grit fatigue looked wicked with his narrow, quite faded Nudie jeans. More, more faded denim, as am petisioning my editor.I also kept banging on about, he's kept the thing pretty strichtly The Velevet Underground, with a Topman rib polo/turtle neck for a modecium of warmth and  a frisson of colour. Tortolano also working some interesting custmosed jewellery, too. 

Matt told me that the signet he updated inserting his own Masonic stone. Didnt strike me as on the square, but looks can be deceptive. Double simple, and double effective, the wear on the All Saints leather and the boots made his flex funtion properly, and that it fitted.  Tortolano's boots were making it for me, as he strutted down that cycle path bit by the recycling bins. His bins are of course classic Wayfarers by Ray Ban. Surely some think gloves and a nice fur hat woudl have helped gainst the cold though, darlink? The youth know best perhaps. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Do seem compelled to call things chocolate when live in the stance over the years- this is more like Burgundy as Matt mentions. Am a colour pillock.