Morning Style Merchants. Bought this massive patchwork square thing from Comme des Garcons at Dover Street Market (click). Its part of the Good Design Shop bit. Am double effected by it, happily losing self in this new thing, for no other motive than I love it. A new flag for a new era. Getting a pitcure of how plan to wear it is far harder than actaully wearing it, however. 

Rad neck.

Right at this moment, vague, diredctionaless editorial isnt a problem as think have lost/disenfranchised all/most of viewers. Gone invisible. Noticed this invisbility the other night at the Brits bash, too. Invisibility in head is way forward; for freedom. This flag is the start of the new plan, so can make it up as go along.  Theme for the weekend. The spirit of today, in song form, below.  

Gonna do some current style on here from Baftas, Beast and Brits tomorrow. For now, its gone flag-bohemian Woodstock. Gonna get myself a bloody YouTube chanel. Yeah? Influencers? Pah! (How does one apply for a YouTube chanel? The Genral Post Office?)


Another version, work in progress.

See what I mean about how to shoot? Need a new M.O. Applied for one of those too. Due from Amazon later in week.  

Could cause some issues if worn wrongly when riding Pashely, Am driving West though. Will report back. 

Stubbs out.

PS. This Mitchell moment made me cry this morning. Found it on old post here, but dont care. here Joni is again.


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&nbsp;Stones, Anita in tailoring, hats and scarves.

 Stones, Anita in tailoring, hats and scarves.

Comme des Godson, during reseach phase at DSM

Comme des Godson, during reseach phase at DSM

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