Morning Style Merchants. I am still rather vexed bout getting hacked and having a post obliterated. I struggle enough to get stuff up on here as it is, and was dead keen on that post, for some reason. The post was bout Bafta dressing, but it had good music and moment captured within. Bafta is done now, but despite that am gonna stick it back up if I can. No time now though. . Got time for Hopeton Lewis & U Roy though: Tom Drunk 

This came out year I was born, making me double old. Taking my godson/Budhason out in the manor today who has just turned 16. Eating at Jims Cafe down Chatsworth Road and looking at Stoney/CPCompany et at, down at the Hackney Walk (clicky) are two of our plans. There will be style&fashion. Oh yes, for I am #FashionUncle.

When all that, and column and film star is done, back on to here. Cometh the res-design..

I gotta a bag-o-things wanna talk about here but have no time for this morning. Keeping them in the bag, for now, and this is my bag of choice for today, the new Airsilk printed silk holdall from the Hermes. Am bang loving it, even though its £1,100. Designed by Henri d’Origny, a fella who has been designing Hermes prints for 50 years, and is also responsible for the marque’s emblematic Cape Cod kettle. The pattern  motif is known as Cavalcadour, taking its name from the harness decorations worn horses belonging to Comte de Chambord, Grandson of Charles X, yeah? Packs down to almost niche as is so so light. 


Hermes Airsilk holdall.

This is what am gonna chat about, if it kills me..

-The menswear shows AW17 (that have just been), good and bad stuff.

-The perils of 'Designer clothes' and why I think they're about the worst thing to be into style wise- Designer fashion is double naff- and I can prove it.

-Bafta dressing and why black tie can be killer dull/pony.  And how it can be good, too.

-Wanna elaborate o something a very cool, laid back spiritual designer said to me bout "first Brexit, then Trump, now Gucci..."

Stubbs out.

PS.I actually feel far better for this. Hope you lot like the music. Go have a wicked day and stay tuned, something will happen...

PPS. log on for more version from U Roy and his pals below

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