Afternoon Style Mongers. How are things a gwan? Yesterday was proper Spring-like; heralds a totes new beginning. Been double busy week and this bright spring moment was a tonic for the spirit, nein? Must comment on slight verbal fracas with frient of mine this week (friend/client). Shant name him, but was denying I was a proper George Michael Fan, after I was talking bout how heinous the bed-wetter Chris Martin 'duet' with George on The Brits was. Which it was. Had to take steps up prove the man wrong. Shall explain how later, but the aftermaff has left me listening to alot of old George, and even some ealrier work. This song works for right now off of Wham!'s debut album, Fantastic (which I fished out the Juergen* to prove my devotion) 

<insert spring suitbable product/thing>

Do stay tuned. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Will also snap and post some good singlet action on Andrew.

PPS. It was bloody Doubting Dermot who tested my George #faith.

* Teller, cellar.

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