Delon in Plein Soleil commits Avios fraud with flatmates BA vouchers: Just turned my Amex points into Avios, as it goes, and going far East on back of them.

Delon in Plein Soleil commits Avios fraud with flatmates BA vouchers: Just turned my Amex points into Avios, as it goes, and going far East on back of them.

Evening Style Merchants. I’ve not written on here for so very long, I am almost nervous. I needn’t be. ‘Write like no ones reading’ is likely a pretty safe premise. Its Easter bank holiday weekend on a neglected, semi-abandoned style blog. It'll be fine. While relaxing in dressing gown and waiting for Japanese food delivery, I bid you hello there again dear Style Merchants.


Hope all is doppio well. Should ya be passing and have a moment, listen to Nina singing Suzanne. Watch her perform it too. Its really quite nuts. Shes loopier herself than history tells perhaps. In a good way. Nina's flared pant suit is also worth watch for alone.

Was about to start on some tailoring league stuff have been planning. Canali seems like the first wanna do. SS17 is a great season for them. Shant name names, but now they've ditched that daft 'name' designer who was actively nausing up what they were showing. Proper deisgner clown stuff. Even the buttons were in the wrong place. Having wisely lodged Pompillio, the prevailing story is now: tailoring-house-does-stylish-luxury-tailoring that-actual-men-can-wear-and-look-good-in shocker. Need to speak more about it, but not now. Also compelled to start comparing ReadyToWear designer/fashion menswear, all sorts,  with bespoke tailors, and their RTW too. Put it all into a Leageu of Tailoring. Might even be useful. Wanna see if for myself too, as find self wearing both with varied vigours these days. To be disucused. 


Canali SS17 Kei suit in linen and silk mix

Also plan to link my instragram feed in with what is g'wanning on here. Might make some purpose out of it all then. Right? Meanwhile, as am limbering up,  feel to share some other stuff I’m feeling trepidation about, aside from the writing style.

-Running the Hackney Half Marathon (cant wait but worried  how fast, and what to wear?)

-Going to Japan next month (cant wait, long way though and what the fuck to wear/pack/say?)

-Just been to the Olympic Aquatic Centre today as Lido shut. There’s some are some properly high high-diving boards I saw today. Had a little snoop about. Mondays, the public can have a go. Am gonna have a go (wondering how high, what not to wear/which relative to inform?)


 More Canali SS17: This D.B. 'Kei' is a top suit, doppio gorg', linen/silk slubby blue/white/grey melange verson. I used it for Luke Evans Beauty & Beast premier, GQ main fashion shoot for June/July and plan to give it a go myself too. Currently dangling in the Jurgen, pending alterations. 

Have just ordered food, but shall review this lot. No ones watching still, right? Qutie like that provisio. I would go on, but foods almost here.. Sorry, I cant..


Alain Delon presents Uber Eats an ultimatum in 1960's film Plein Soleil

Stubbs out.

PS. Elisabetta Canali shared potentially thrilling rissotto receipe of her husband, (Keith Canali), which plan to execute soon and feed back, too. Riveitng cultural hot bed this, no?


More Canali SS17