Afternoon Style Mongers. Was lookng for a nice, clean full stop to clear my head. A palette cleanser. Loving these guys from Santoni (click).  Extremely light as completely unlined and unstructured (two un-words which have been rinsed right through menswear in recent years) in a tumbled off-white calfskin. Been writing bout trainers, or sneakers* as they're apparently known, and this was my fav' simple cream slice.

Like many of Santoni's shoes you can bend 'em double and they dont seem to mind  a bit. How agreeable of them. A trait I've always admired beyond footwear arena. Do love a bit of Santoni, though. A carpet for a pair, in Sterling.. £300. Talking of fav's, all through May when was in Japan I played this track obessively. Went into my system during the Hackney Half Marathon, and stayed. Tek it Joe..'

Thanks for all that pace Mr.Jackson. Really double important. Clean steppin'..

Stubbs out.

*One might as well start saying Buddy and have done...ffs

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