Ciao, ciao, ciao Style Mongers. #Espresso Stance No.41 (click) with spankers new E.Tautz (click) sand wool/mohair mix shorts which concede I doppio love, with vintage-ish Dunhill (clicky) #JohnRay era silk slub coral print shirt, and currently fav' Persol (click-ish) '002' model bins. Gold oranate spoon is from Assouline (click) and vuntage Deco cup&saucer combo is from my dear friend Exley. Diggin' the seams with an Assouline...

#EsspressoStance No.41
#EsspressoStance No.41

Espresso Stance No.41

Tautz shorts feature big, deep pleats and self belt on the high waist. This is so key. Zaf up the dry cleaners gave my belt away to someone when he cleaned my others navy version last week, and replaced it with customers blue trench belt. Qutie bad. To be continued,  I desperately hope. Meanwhile, just cant stop playing this track. William DeVaughn's originallly, and got that on a Chelsea album, and obvs Massive Attack lifted massive slices of it on the seminal Blue Lines album, but am bang into Arthur Lee and Love's version at moment..lyrics are same cross em all "TV Antena in the back.." and are as wicked as the tune.

"Diamond in the back, sunroof top, Diggin the scene, With a gangsta lean, wooh" ...tek it Arthur..

Stubbs out.