Morning Style Mongers. Read our man The Wrong Writer on Mr.Styles in Stella McArtney on U.S. T.V...

"Harry Styles - The Recline of Western Civilization/Spitfire or Swallow?"-

Style&Error's partial namesake Harry straddles two worlds this week as he promotes WW2 British retreat/miracle movie Dunkirk on New York's Today Show resplendent in a Stella McArtney swallow shirt.

Harry In Stella
Harry In Stella

In with the in-tray: Harry on the Today desk.

Whether the young minstrel/movie star knows it or not, he's rocking a vivid juxtaposition here between the  world of his character in the movie in which young men are both in uniform and uniformly afraid, huddled far from home and unaided by America --  and Harry's demeanour and references here on TV which are anything but.

Harry Styles is doubly smart here, his western choices and unbuttoned swagger are not only bait for a continent and a gender who might otherwise feel poorly served by the movie, but he's also a world away from his colleague, Ffion Whitehead the more self-effacing thespian, who's look seems composed more to negate the self the better to advance the cause of character and movie. One may have more screentime, but there is little debate here as to who is the wizard, the true star...

The Wrong Writer.

Note. Styles wears custom crepe de chine verison of shirt. Extract on *Stella McArtney swallow shirt (click)  from my Sharpener column in The F.T. How To Spend It on Western decoartion and Nudie Cohn style...(click)

..Family cues come from the McCartney clan, with Stella McCartney’s debut menswear collection includes a gorgeous Western shirt in rich ink blue with two pretty pastel swallows appliqued and embroidered on each collar bone, (£485). “Inspired by a shirt that my Dad used to own that I absolutely loved when I was growing up.” Stella says. “It’s a very personal and nostalgic piece for me”. (The swallows in lovely colour palette are almost like flat rendered gauche colour, while is so wearable in manly deep blue)...

Stubbs out.