"Death Note" New York Premiere

"Death Note" New York Premiere

I got an email off Prada that said “Please see Willem Dafoe wearing Prada, from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, whilst attending the premiere of ‘Death Note’ on Thursday, 17th August 2017, in New York.” A google search told me he was in the film (click), but no one likes it much. I get these messages a lot, and the celebrity subject never looks stylish. Usually just bang normal. Sometimes less.I like Willem Dafoe. So not having a go. Great head of hair too, but the mohair suit I got a problem with. Surely that silk/grey mohair is double out of date- its well shiny. We stopped doing this look on British Light Entertainment half a decade age. Its not like he’s doing a James Brown or channelling a Mod thing, is it? It looks like sheeny cardboard, and that he's only ever worn it for an hour ever. While we’re not being too critical, the trouser length looks dubious, too, but reluctant to use the term ‘puddling’, because its vile. The solid black shirt with mohair is a trifle Match Of The Day Gary Lineker circa 2003.

Note Dafoe almost certainly doesn’t care about this, and good for him.

Dafoe, defo' in Prada.

One point does interest me however; one Dafoe collar is out.  I like it. Reckon he did that on purpose? Am cautious round this style move as I came a cropper one time. I reached out and adjusted Christos Tolera's escaped collar at the opening of his 'Homecoming' photographic exhibition, of Hackney nighttime flower still lifes (click). 


Tolera, Sprezzatura minor.

He was doing it on purpose- of course he was. It was Tolera Sprezzatura. He explained it too, that with the pocket square points, cocked pinky and the boater on the slant, it needed something wrong to break it up. Felt such a fool. Was that what Defoe was going?

Am my point is? Not sure got one, but am practising writing, aren't I? The point is, dont under-estimate what stylish bloke maybe be considering when he's making subtle moves. Also, dont touch peoples looks, its well annoying. Next thing we'll all be trying the hat on, ffs. Taking of making a difference a individual shirt stance, Morrissey-Mate, take it away...

Stubbs (shirt) out.

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