Hullo, hullo Style Merchants. Get involved with John SmedleyBelden’ cotton knitted tee shirt tops (click). Just ordered a little batch to go with the wide trouser styles am favouring, see #EspressoStance No.68A, and remembered they’re double-good things. They come in at a fairly agreeable £110 a go (if ya thinking knit-P, not tee) and in man-staple colours navy, black and pale “Feather grey” -effectively posh marl. So good am buzzing off them, as you can tell. All my boys are in them but clean forgot to wear them myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 20.07.32.png

These excellent men’s-luxe-but-low-key pieces are in nice weight woven Sea Island cotton with a flattering ‘fashioned’ fit making them way better than cut-and-sew tees (as long as only minimal Derby* action only on board).

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 19.03.31.png

NB.  Go down a size: If you’re an M buy S. Roger? Oh, and other colours worth checking are sophisticated indigo, another dark charc’ gray and now thinkig bout cream which I really fancy a go on. 

My Smeders people reckon they make about 25 colours a year, so if cant find what you wan get on the mill, the might run ya one up, bless.

Stubbs out.

* Derby Kelly- belly.