Hey, hey, hey Style Merchants. Get involved with braces. They make your new wide trews hang nicely, look fresh and are also somehow liberating. Belts feel old. Braces somehow channel a subtle strain of macho-agro: Braces are ballsy. 


Fendi SS18 was the best show of the season. The electric mix of bold prints, wicked pleated strides, tracksuit inspired suede bloussons and 'Wall Street on the way the beach' was ratcheted further with bad- boy braces. Julian Ganio styled it - the man is super hot style maestro, yeah?

That said, I prefer clip-on braces cos they're instant and not quaint like button style can look (on older blokes). Unless, of course, you're lithe and vital like a young Dave Bowie below, on The Dick Cavetta show (click) 1974. Clip on are more agro-instant and less considered. Button are for classic romantic support.


Go on Amazon & ebay and order braces for very little money, or check Turnbulls (click). Then work them in cunningly for tonal accessory statement. Go matching, contrast or exotic intersection to taste. There’s a slew of brace choice out there, but note 2.5cm-3.5cm is place to be.

I've been doing grey on grey with grey shirt with grey hop-sack suit, or navy on navy with navy wide pants and navy round neck knit. Also been doing burgundy with blue jeans and marl tee. All drops. Also acquired leopard & pale pink pairs which am gonna do with sateen shirts at some point. Braces could very well be a thing. More intel to follow after I cook these scallops I just precured from Chats, must dash. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Dave went on and dropped this version of Young Americans on the DC show, performance including a young Luthor Vandross singing backing vocals. Too passionate not share with thee.