Hi, hi, hi Style Mongers. Get involved with Tabio's cashmere sox. Gotta share these guys with you, espesh if you're into a nice shoe. Tabio's thick ribbed cash' almonds (click) with a chic loafer drop double well. Been trancing right out on them, especially with new turned-up-inside denim stance.  ("Smart", as one esteemed style commentator put it). Mats Klingkerg, off of Trunk, got me into the brand when was in Japan. Mats knows his socks inside out.

Tabio Cashmere camel.png

This is Tabio sock am chattin' about,


but do feel need better image. Working on it.

Tabio rib-cash feel ever so lovely on, too.  There's  other cashmere sox out there, granted, but right now am talking bout these. Its the nimble loafer combined with fluffy thick sock that drives this flex. Try the charcaol and camel styles and pennys teamed with navy or chocolate tailoring, but gotta admit am just loving wearing the cream with black snaffle loafs and blue jeans. Its all working with the blue jeans, so get involved with £75 worth of hosery luxe you wont regret. Unless you wearing them around the house and snag the buggers on a floorboard. Fuming.

Stubbs out.

* socks, obvs.