Evening Style Mongers. All alright, yeah?

One of fav’ things I saw in Paris for this season was Christophe Lamaire's work.  A super cool collection that would suit my pal Tall Marko Righo, the 'Marsielle Prancer', down to the ground- well, almost the ground- he’s 6’8”. Regardless, the whole thing was in warm, autumnal, muted tawny colour scheme – which is rather nice. Liked alot the longer length Teddy Boy-esque tailored jackets in wool gabardine (also a sub-trend).


Also diggin' Christophe's double pleated, sculpted trousers (£495) in same fabric and some other nice looking wool drills (NB. Actually think drill is a trend, dead wearable and good, but dreadfully boring to report on/read about, right? Even worse than..no, I wont go there now.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 17.04.11.png

Also, incredible gloriously organic hand knits – have pictures, I think, includinglong Cardigan somewhere in virgin wool and hand-knit sweater in jacquard something. 'bout £1100 a go. 

There as some urban-slatned utilitarian outerwear, such as like raincoats and overcoats. as this lad is wearing to my right. <needs so more words here ideally>


Quote from out of the release "Each season, Lemaire presents qualitative men’s and women’s collections with attentive details designed for everyday life. e vestiaire consists of realistic clothing and singular pieces in uenced by the cosmopolitan streets of yesterday and today Paris.

the collections are designed and developed in the Marais district of Paris nearby the 28 rue de Poitou historic shop.

Tried to find out   how much all is gear is:

Two pleated pants in wool gabardine £495

Raincoat in cotton wool£1300

Reversible overcoat in wool gabardine £1115

Dropped double breasted jacket in wool gabardine -£845 GBP

Long Cardigan in virgin wool - £740 GBP

Hand-knit sweater in jacquard - £1100. Dont ya just love the pound signs in this font? Nice one Conor. Needs some more images I reckon. Nice though. Check it.

Stubbs out