Hi, hi, hi my Style Merchants. Get involved with big, bold houndstooth check tailoring. Black and white houndstooth and Glen check cloth is double-exciting, channeling racy Seventies pizzazz, tradition and of course graphic, monochrome pattern. Stick it with other pattern for incendiary effects. Am on a houndstooth-cloth-hunt for a double-breasted, high-waisted suit to bust in Spring with silk print shirts or little intarsia knits. So far found nice choc/cream Ariston affair, though perhaps a trifle too gingham…unless on cut bias- but might be too, too much to ask of the cutter. #SpareUsTheCutter (click). Also got into a vintage looking hound’ from Solbiarti that’s almost a boucle. Graphic enough? Not sure. The plot thickens, the cloth quickens, but hound is already ahead of the pack. Stay tuned.

Tommy Nutter, totes check-chic supremo

Tommy Nutter, totes check-chic supremo

This is far from over. Cloth touching notes below. 

Stubbs out.


This is a Tommy Nutter suit too, and its clearly a Glen check (Prince of Wales) and a houndstooth (that looks like a gingham) combo. Not actually exactly what after, but same look. Graphic, monochrome check. Roger? Check.


Holland & Sherry overcoat fabric on left and the Ariston and Solbiarti affair on the right. What you tinking?


This aint black & white, obvs, but it is vintage looking story am chatting about, and on a SS18 Gucci blazer- But what I'm going mental for his the barked effect buttons. Too good, right? More of that later, as my jeweller and I been working on this idea for ages on gold rings. Shall pull fingers out double soon. 



Mick Karn flexes his muscles while Steve Jansen busts massive houndstooth pleated strides. #StillLoveJapan. 

The Cutter from Echo And The Bunnymen, not Japan!