Afternoon Style Merchants. My favourite thing bout Christmas is eating panetonne. Got given three this year and still on the last one, see previous Espresso Stance (click). Thanks to Armani (click), Slowwear and Josh (Poor Conors geeza) for those guys. They were bang on. Especially as I've devised a techinque for slicing and posting into my toaster. Sure, it's a fire hazzard and fucks up your Dualit badly, but mainining hot&buttered pane' puts croissants or pan au choc in the shade for good. Bad luck, Frennchies.

Massive Cova panetonne.

Massive Cova panetonne.


On last trip to Assouline I discovered they're doing miniture ones in collab with Cova on Via Montenapoleone, Milan (click). Small, quaint and a bit like muffins shape wise. Honestly I prefer a full blown one; a loaf-cake you can seriously latch onto. Currently abandoned toasting method as too labour intensive for the rate I need to be jacking this Pane' stuff up. Nearly over and I can come down/crash in time for London Fashion Weeks Mens which starts bloody soon. They also always remind me of this number by Charley Pride, which condequently reminds me of my Dad. Don, this ones for you. Take it Charley..

Stubbs out. 

PS. Check the garms this lot are busting. Charley's gone casual with an apleque sh-acket in suede look gaberdine. 



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