Evening Style Mongers. Bits of Gucci (click) prefall that am bang into, and some styling. Diggin' some of the big wide trews and fancy tailoring, but other looks do feel like a mix of Mighty Boosh characters, The Royal Tenenbaums with Five Go Mad In Dalston, non? And it aint cheap, right. Is this the era where licence to dress a gen-blured bell' in Mamas earings or in tracksuits with cowboys boots was granted to all and sund', but you gotta pay big-time? Plus some new Gucci get ups are complete comedy, like the ambassadors ninny son goes and his nerd pals go mental in the attic/thrift-shop/drawing room while the folks visit Europe. Doppio fine. Anything goes, but maybe no-rules Gucci mass pirated-eccentricity is a royal rinse? Still, being a Gucci-Vet, its double nice to have an archive of snaffle-bit action in the amroury to drop in flex's whenever, tho'. Stubbs out.


Tom StubbsComment