Evening Style Merchants. Bloody hell that was a lot of fashion in one go, non? Totally dropped the 'regular updates on here' ball. What can I say? Flu knocked the fashion stuffing out of me too. Something should be done about flu, surely. Its far from helpful on a style level. Regardless, am trying to catch up now and wanna start with the fundamentals. The bloody Lido had only gone and opened up again. At last

Me, on Monday. Roughy. By Helmut Newton, 

Me, on Monday. Roughy. By Helmut Newton, 

Was thrilled to be back in the Lido in the air. Yeah, yes, the changing rooms are better and the grout is all fine now, but the vital experience of swimming in the open air is the great liberator. The Lido is church. Missed that Scottish charmer on the teas so. Let the sunshine in.


Stubbs out.

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