Bloody hell this is a serious one Style Merchants. Get involved with some rock'n'roll pointed boots with a bit of a cheeky heel. Roger? Just done a big old The Sharpener story for HowToSpendzItz on these guys and trust me they are the story of the year, never mind the season. If you've got some already, nice, get more. If you've not got any already, where the ras' have you been? Am saying it again.. get involved with some pointed boots with a heel. They're totes vital. 



CWK did a whole load for their SS18 debut- loads of options- interesting heel scene. She was reffing Johnny Thunders, bits of Dave Bowie and some early Bruce. That's  Springstein, not Forsyth



coming in brown too, with the zip down the inside of the ankle.

Obviously these boots have got various degrees of rock'n'roll attitude. Two brands even called them Jimi after the boy Hendrix. 


Choo's Jimi.

Bit of shiney affair but works. Also in black.

Louis Leeman LL0545-JIM-VLR-NERO_01.jpg

Louis Leeman.


Also 'Jimi's'

Louis' been on it from time- has another pair, too, but a bit more Jodhpur esque. All his boys are looking wicked in them, such as the artful Bambi (click for link to #videostylestance)



these dont have much of a heel, but are wicked with a suit.  Just check the pat' on that.

Am reviewing what denim jeans gonna work with these,  but for now am dropping them all with tailored strides/suits. If you ask me they are working. Its the way to ratchet up tailoring and swerve lookng lika a straight go-er.

You just wait till we animiate this stuff- its gonna be totes modern..

Right Con! Conor? Coneeer....

anyway, Jimi, take it way...

Stubbs out.

Jimi hendrix - foxey lady


Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo chief style merchant, put me on to this shot. She is right on it. 


Wanted Cross Town Traffic but all the videos are shit/annoying, This, however, is heavy. Yes. And just look at Jimi's look. He's running things.