Evening Style Mongers. Get involved with Prada penny loafers (click) or moccasins as they insist on calling them. Took a well dressed musician client in to get some the other day to go with various new wide pants we’ve been designing* and they looked wicked, working just like that! Bang! Straight off. Simple chic. No rehearsal. There’s not much we can say that about, right? Prada tweak 'em a bit as they go, but essentially they’re the same, paired down, well made penny-loaf (with a stylised penny slat **)  season-in-season-out. Prada penny loafers are double good.

Bad-boy penny.

Bad-boy penny.

Right now, its Spazzolato calf leather on the site. Love spazzo’ as its not a shinny as patent, but has a special buffed-ness to it, see above.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 14.16.47.png

Alternatively there’s a Saffiano option (click), Pradas hardwearing modern textured leather.  


Am told by my peops are Prads that we’re gonna see new style buckles and some matching materials in coming seasons. Hope they don’t over-do it and drop the penny. Stay freakin’ tuned, Roger? 

Stubbs out.

* from P. Johnson and Tim Everest. Also some wider flannels pants from PWVC.

** not a technical term.