Evening Style Mongers. That A.Sauvage designer fella (click) is back operating in London. Having been working in L.A. for a couple of years doing his modern, chic, tailored yet nonchalant thing, now he's also set up a residency above The Chess Club at No.1 Chesterfield Street (click). I rather like the canopy outside the gaff in dark chocolate brown with bit of gold trim. Nice. Anyway, Sauvage’s collection is largely black. 

I’ve always liked Sauvages clothes, and nothings changed that much in his take on how mens style should work. 'Dress easy' he used to say. He means dont over do it, jsut wear simple, well cut stuff- I think thats what he means. Still calls me 'Bond', as in James, but it's defo and insult, coming from him. Rather hope its affectionate.  Regardless, the man was on typically buoyant form when I found him, wearing a suave double breasted midnight-blue shawl collar coat that hangs like a cross between a short dressing gown, a Kimono and and silk smoking jacket- it was well nice and my favourite thing I saw. More of these ideas please A.S. I asked him what his latest angles were. “How could you have someone dress you that doesn’t even like the same music as you?” he asked back. Totes dig this sentiment, but now want a playlist off of you to put on here, right? 


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 16.08.53.png

Note. You lot might have to bear with me/us while my team (#PoorConor) and I get to grips with the design. Early doors, so give us a break please. Black tailored clothes. Slick lines, narrow trousers. Some white shirts, Roger?


So, Sauvage is producing 11 ready to wear versions of each style and then moving on, because 11 is his chi spiritual numberal- or something ( will check what this even means). I wonder, what if he's creates a top best-seller,  one that every body is gagging for? What then? Surely he would be make 12, 13 and 14 for the right dollar. Shall ask that too. To paraphrase axe legend Nigel Tufnell “These goes to Eleven”..(click). 



I particularly like it when Sauvage does his own take on jacquard. He did a bit this time, see to the left, also with black piped velvet.


Sauvage also tells me how he plans to man his showroom and appointments with sassy, attractive woman, explaining that it has to be this way as men are nincompoops. Smashing use of Ning'-lyrics.  Having witnessed  the Savauage tailoring road show in action before, with various clients coming and going in and out, ordering stuff (to a reasonable sound track and some reasonable Champagne) iIt does seem to work. Gonna finish this off when has a bit of second sniff round the venue. For now though, you have been updated, yeah?


Double nice to see ya Adrien, catching up soon. Fancy a bit of Yarbrough & Peoples? Don't stop with that music policy Sauvage.  




Stubbs out.

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