I’m now bang into braces. Largely down the burgeoning wider trousers scene.  Got a spanking new pair of crisp, quite solid, two pleat Joseph wool/cotton drill navy trews that simply demanded them –clip on style. Am going to research more fully the luxe-retail braces scene (if one does even exist) but for now, having dropped £48 on ebay, I find 'self pretty well furnished with multiple clip-on brace options. About 8 pairs and counting. Well 12 now. My Joseph’s below are held up by Burgundy wider 1¾  inch set, with Prada Penny loafers, navy Sunspel vest. Optional grey/blue suede Tremalo baker boy from Lock is also part of look. A little ‘circus act’ (as Holden kindly pointed out) but its a logged.


In other flex's I’ve put mustard braces with my grey Thom Sweeney thick Scabal wool hopsack, with Santoni boots and grey linen shirt. All worked nicely. Then there's also zebra print ‘suspenders’ with my charcoal grey Sexton D-B, but the clipped pinged off that set in the first minutes and switched to silver. Note. This is a low cost, expendable product that changes a look- I really like that about them. So just bought some more. 2 and a half quid those ones. Magic. Look.

Free, fast and furious all accessories dont come at buy 3 get 1 free, ffs.

Free, fast and furious all accessories dont come at buy 3 get 1 free, ffs.

  Like the way a wider pant hangs off them, too. And how waistband sits. Am mainly digging the clip-ons, as the button style looks a bit quant/Buggsy Malone on oldish bloke like me. For now. That said, got two pairs of Anderson&Sheppard suit trews that have buttons already and gone find a way to style them as to not look to vintage/farty.


Have also found a double seriously rich seam of Dave Bowie in trad' button braces. He even used to bust ‘em with a belt- probably showing off how damn slight he was. Note. Bowie never ballooned or even got a hint of a Derby. He did get into some other bad side affects though. 



I got a client who loved/s Madness- maybe baggy trousers and braces might be the next thing (some of ) my lot start appearing in. Talking of Madness, Christopher Baily used My Girl for intro of his Burberry show the other day; but a version by the Pet Shop Boys. Really quite pony. Was dead upset. Didnt take the edge of fur protestor based buzz though. Will come back to this. My Girl was one of very first singles I ever owned. Will dig it out. Was only six of them back then. Anyway, back to braces,  I just got the Two-Tone* black white ones, the leo-pard and the red ones as per the budget select in pic up top- got pair free (see magic offer). When do you get that in fashion these days? Well seldom. 

* know Madness were on Stiff, before ya get at me, right?


Foot note. Just had TheWrongWriter round Lavinia Villa, who compared my packing for Paris Fashion Week t a batch of brace to Cynthia Paines weekend 'frisky bag', with a vista of numerously packeted  ‘suspenders’ still clipped to their cardboard display and in budget clingfilm and topped off with a long shoe horn.

Tom Stubbs